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Portsmouth, VA 23701
Office - (757) 673-5025
Fax - (757) 673-5026
Email - portsmow@yahoo.com
Office Hours - 9:30 am - 3:30 pm
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About Us
  • Meals on Wheels of Portsmouth Inc. started service the community in September of 1979. We have been in operation for over 36 years.

  • We have been certified by United Way of South Hampton Roads, as a local Charity. We are relying on United Way for part of our funding. Thanks to them we are able to hire a coordinator to perform office duties as well as contacting volunteers. So if you give to United Way remember MOWOP #5069 Civil Service & Military CFC #54632

  • We delivered over 23,000 meals a year, thanks to the many volunteers and our coordinator.

  • Our meals are prepared by the Sentara Food Service Department. We provide two (2) nourishing meals daily, including 2 beverages (juice or milk). These are delivered by our dedicated, volunteers.

  • The menus are developed by a licensed dietician and are required to meet at least 2/3 of the Recommended Dietary Allowance for seniors. We offer a wide variety of diets including: Hearty Healthy, Low Sodium, Diabetic, Renal, and chopped and/or pureed so those with difficulty chewing and swallowing can receive appropriate nutrition to remain in their homes.

  • We have delivered our meals to satisfied customers for many years.

  • Our meals are hot when we deliver them. The hot meal menu changes from day to day. Ham, Chicken, meatballs, hamburger stake, pork chops, fish, or sausage. The vegetables are mixed greens, beans, Collard greens or spinach, Irish potatoes, or sweet potatoes. Always, a good meal. They are in containers that can be put in microwave and warmed later for super. The bag lunch that comes with the hot meal contains a sandwich of two slices of bread and meat. Sometimes chicken salad or tuna salad, depending on the diet. A fruit, such as banana, orange or apple, or fruit cocktail. A pudding or Jell-O may be substituted, or even a granola bar. We have several choices of drinks, Juice or three kinds of milk.

  • All this for only $5.90 a Day.

  • Meals on Wheels of Portsmouth, has spread out to incorporate, Western Branch & Deep Creek areas of Chesapeake, and parts of Suffolk.

  • If the person we are delivering to has a doctor’s appointment they can leave a cooler on porch or leave note for us to give food to neighbor.

  • Meals on Wheels provides more than meals; we also provide a connection with the outside community and a daily “check-in” to ensure client safety and well-being. Friendly smiles and warm reassurance to our homebound recipients.

  • There are times when there is no answer that could mean they have fallen and can’t reach door. These are the times when we try calling them to confirm they are ok. One time I called a lady who had not answered the door, to find out she had been to doctor and was glad to see her food was left in a plastic grocery bag on her doorknob. She was relying on the meals on wheels.

  • Rewards for volunteers are many, usually a thank you, a God’s Blessing is bestowed on you. The reward is priceless. Many of our Volunteers are elderly themselves, we have one lady in her late 80’s that volunteers every day.

  • We have been fortunate enough to get help from Portsmouth Sheriff’s office, (Senior Watch) and some of the Navy & Coast Guard, personnel have volunteered also.

  • Our Volunteers have dwindled down over the past years, and many churches have joined in on helping us to deliver. We are forever grateful to them.

  • Remember the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you”

  • Volunteering is a great way to perform a community service, what better service then deliver a meal & a smile to a senior in need of both.

  • It is written in Mathew 25:40 The king will answer them, 'I tell all of you with certainty, since you did it for one of the least important of these brothers of mine, you did it for me.'